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About Us


We are partners of our customers. The production capability of our customer is our top priority, this also applies outside of our business hours. We advise our customers in partnership and only sell products that fit the customer and satisfy them.


Photos from our company anniversary

Englisch Herbert Barsch founded the company in 1986. He has been working in the field of horizontal packaging machines since the 1970s. First as a machine fitter at Rovema, then as a service technician from an Italian manufacturer until he built the first Barsch flow pack in the early 1990s. His goal was to develop a machine with the customer that is tailored to individual needs.

Working method

We work very structured. This starts with the project planning to ensure a quick and correct process. We work a lot with checklists to ensure the quality of our machines. In addition, we have very detailed documentation so that we can respond appropriately in the event of service.

Market positioning

Due to our high quality and our location in Germany, Barsch is an established brand for horizontal form, fill and seal machines.


We attach great importance to a good working atmosphere. We support each other and make sure that everyone can do their work as best as possible, because our common goal is to build good machines, to offer excellent service and to have fun at work.

CIP suggestion scheme


CIP stands for continuous improvement process. We have a suggestion system in which all employees participate in order to continuously improve ourselves and our machines. You can see how this works in our short video.

Junior staff

We train as required and always have 1-2 trainees in the professions of industrial mechanic and mechatronic technician. We also take part in professional exchanges in schools and Girls Day. We enable schoolchildren or interns in our company to get an insight into the world of work.

Occupational safety

We adhere to the statutory regulations for compliance with occupational safety and health protection. So that all employees go home as healthy as they came in the morning. Every employee helps to achieve this goal. With this focus, we can also build safe machines for our customers.