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Flowpack Machines

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User friendliness

Our flowpack machines have sensors built in that support the user during operation. The machine indicates in good time if e.g. the roll of film is empty or the product has not been placed correctly. In addition, it independently ensures that the film tension is always the same, no matter how big the roll.

Intuitive operation

When designing our packaging machines, we make sure that they are as little adjustable as possible. Nevertheless, she is very flexible. Changing the film roll and switching to another product is also possible without language.

German suppliers

We also attach great importance to high quality components. We design all parts ourselves and have them manufactured in our region in Central Hesse. For suppliers of purchased parts, we rely on German manufacturers.

Modular Design

Our packaging machines originate from a single module system. This enables us to provide machines that adapt to your product and budget. In addition, due to the further development of the individual modules, our machines are always state of the art. The machines are available in two sizes, BS and MS.

Hyginic Design

We design our flowpack machines so that dirt can fall directly on the floor. The housing is designed so that it is easily accessible for cleaning. We also use special materials and processes that are ideal for the food sector.