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Sealing System

Sealig system

If the output is low and the packaging material is thin, rotating sealing jaws can be used. If a higher output and/or a thicker packaging material is used, a box promotion system must be used to achieve a higher sealing time and to ensure that the package can be sealed tightly.

In case of a thin packaging material and low output, the box promotion system can also be used if necessary, e.g. if the products have a very different length and the package lengths are more than 300mm apart.

Performance + Material<25µm<50µm>50µm
<30 Pack/minrotatingrotatingBoxmotion
<60 Pack/minrotatingrotating or BoxmotionBoxmotion
<120 Pack/minrotatingBoxmotionBoxmotion

for more than 50µm sample foil should be sent directly to us, so that we can do some tests. All values are standard values.

Flowpack Modul transverse sealing

Transverse sealing with rotating toolsTransverse sealing with Boxmotionsystem