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Barsch Service Flowpack Zahnräder Piktogramm


We are available around the clock. When our employees are celebrating, your call is directed to a service employee's mobile phone. So we can also be reached in the evenings and on weekends. We always try to help you on the phone first, because our machines are so simple that you can do small jobs yourself.

We can also deliver urgent Spare Partson Saturdays, or you can collect them from us on weekends.


We work internally with a wiki that every employee can participate in. There we enter malfunctions in our machines so that we can quickly find a solution to a problem on the phone. So we can also quickly provide you with a tutorial for simple repair work.


For maintenance, we create maintenance plans tailored to the configuration of the machine right from the start of the project. Our service technicians then take them with them and look through the machine systematically.

Occupational safety

The machine safety of our flow packers is very important to us. To ensure that your employees stay healthy and occupational safety is ensured, you can download the operating instructions for our tubular bag packaging machines.


We have a customer folder for each customer, both online and in paper form, for documents that we keep in the original, e.g. the declaration of conformity and the final acceptance of the machine. The contents of the customer folder are e.g. the circuit diagram and the mechanical engineering plan in which each individual part is listed. For a packaging machine that consists of approx. 1,500 individual parts, we have documented even the smallest screw. There are also photos of the machine, parameter lists, password lists, maintenance lists and service reports.

After each service, we write an assembly confirmation to document which work has been carried out. We then enter the work carried out on the PC in the associated customer folder.